LeBron vs Steph: The great debate.

At the start of the NBA Finals some guy posted on his Facebook page that LeBron James was the best basketball player in the NBA. A person replied to his post and mentioned Steph Curry being the best basketball player currently and the debate began.

It seems as if everyone is comparing James vs. Curry these days but what a lot of people don’t understand is that these two athletes are two very different basketball players. James will beat you inside every time with his physical presence and Steph will hit you with a dagger on the outside, shimmy his way down the court, and beat you mentally.

 James gets in your space and Curry gets in your head.


The size difference between James and Curry is one major difference. James is 6’ 8’ and 250 lbs of pure muscle. Curry is 6’ 3” and 190 lbs of pure heart. The style of play these two have is totally different. They both know what they can do and have beautifully mastered that.

So who is the better player? Depends on who you ask. We’ve gotten away from the old school basketball as of recently. The pound it in the paint, or drive to the hoop sort of basketball so many people grew up with, has become a let’s pass the ball beautifully four, five, sometimes six times and get the three. Watching Curry drain a three and shimmy down the court with swag is fun. So is watching James work his magic playing one on one and drive the ball to the basket.

I started asking people who’d they choose if they had to pick between James and Curry. Without a doubt the majority of the people said Curry. Is it because he’s better? Is it because you’d really build an entire team around him? I wouldn’t.

Yes, Curry is the best shooter in the NBA at the moment and possibly could be the best shooter in the NBA of all time.  Then you ask why they would takestats Curry and the most common answer, “he can shoot”.  I’ll admit I love watching Curry play. It’s mesmerizing if we’re being honest. The reality is though; if Curry is having a bad game he has the cushion of having his teammates step up.

James though, so many people take him for granted, including his teammates. I get it, he doesn’t have the rings to back up his success like so many people want, but the man is a beast. He himself carried his team to a 6 game series against the Warriors in last year’s NBA Finals. When James is hitting his jumper and driving to the basketball he is unstoppable. Would you build a team around James? Yes, yes you would. If James has a bad night – the whole team has a bad night.

Here we are going into game 6 again and Kyrie Irving is finally playing pre-injury form and man it was fun to watch him in game 5. Andrew Bogut is out for the Warriors with a knee injury and Draymond Green is back after his bogus suspension. Can Golden State when back to back championships a year apart or will the Cavs prevail and give us a game 7?

Ps. I’d choose LeBron over Steph any day on the basketball court.

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